What is the process like?
1. Eligible singles apply for the show.
2. The applications are reviewed. If all looks good, a phone call interview will be scheduled.
3. Phone calls are reviewed. Those we feel will be a good fit for the show will be contacted.
4. In-person interviews are scheduled and done.
5. The episode is edited for quality and content.
6. The episodes are released!
7. Follow up interviews may be done.
8. Listeners can reach out to the person they are interested in by leaving a message for them through the website.
9. The Date Us Team will screen all messages. They are then sent to the person and they take it from there!
10. A love connection is made 🙂

How do you find people for the show?
Anyone who is interested in being interviewed on this show can apply by filling out Date Us questionnaire. They may have heard about it directly through the podcast, from other podcasts, social media, or by word of mouth. For this first season, Justin and Lee reached out to their Optimal Living Daily listeners as well as their own network of friends and colleagues.

Do you accept everyone who applies?
Unfortunately, we do not. We look at many different factors to determine if a person would be a good fit for the show including whether or not they are ready for a serious committed relationship (this is not a show for casual dating or hook ups!), what they have to offer a significant other, and how open and comfortable they are with sharing their lives and experiences to name a few.

Do I have to live in California to apply?
Not at all! We would love to feature a different city/area for every season–please go ahead and apply!

I listened to the podcast and really connect with one of the singles! How do I reach out to them?
Head over to the Profiles section of our website. Every person we interviewed will be listed there. Click on their name to access their photo/profile and contact them. Each individual profile page is password protected! Answer the question correctly to gain access–the question/answer will be something we talked to them about on their episode. You can then contact the person you are interested in by filling out a contact form. Everything is screened before it reaches our singles. Please only reach out if you are serious about dating them!

Why do I need to provide a social media link when reaching out to a single from the show?
We ask for at least 1 social media profile so that we can verify who you are.

Why are the profile pages password protected? 
We want to make sure the people reaching out to our singles have listened to their episode and that our site doesn’t become another dating site with pages of pics and profiles to scroll through! It also helps us protect their privacy and make sure it’s a serious inquiry.

Is this podcast only for single people to listen to?
We don’t think so–we feel this podcast would be a great opportunity for folks who aren’t single to be a matchmaker! Listen in and see if you know someone who would be a good fit for one of our singles. If you do, send them the episode–you never know what kind of love connection could form!

Will there be a season 2?
We would LOVE to bring you season 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5…) and feature more singles in different cities! Since this is our very first season, the future is still unknown. If you would like to see more of Date Us, help us make it happen by subscribing to our podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app) and sharing with all your friends and family! We truly appreciate your support!